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"You know what? You've just got to go out there and try to control the things you can control, deal with things and stay mentally strong." ~ JToews

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Jonny Toews Tribute.. Don’t Judge Me I Miss Him… D:

Alright lets be honest here, I FUCKING miss Jonny Toews playing on the ice…. Today I found out that his concussion is really bad.. So bad that he got into a car accident. Who hits an L train beam on accident…. (No offense Jonny) Obviously this concussion is causing problems. It happened when he recieved a really nasty check and knocked his head on the boards. Who knows how long ago, the news seems to believe it was before he went out the first time he was out then came back. He didn’t tell anyone cause he wanted to keep playing. Hope the concussion gets better. We all miss you! <3much love

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